Encore Difference

Learn about the Encore Difference

At Encore Homes, we pride ourselves on providing a unique and satisfying home building experience. Our dedication to unequaled service and lasting value sets us ahead of the crowd, working directly for you.

    About Encore Homes

    Unequaled Service

    • Encore Homes is a one-stop shop. We bring together all the parts necessary for a successful home build. 
    • We anticipate your needs: lenders, existing home sales, comparison shopping, broad design selections—all under one roof! 
    • We guide you through a practiced and proven process every step of the way, making you comfortable throughout the homebuilding process. 
    • We share our expertise with you. The more you know, the more confident you will be you are getting the home of your dreams. We do all the heavy lifting. 
    • We keep all parts of the building process moving, letting you relax. 
    • Encore people have been in your shoes. Our employees are homeowners and construction customers, and some might even be your neighbors.

      Lasting Value

      • Every Encore home is carefully designed to maximize efficiency. You will feel our floor plan layouts work for you every day.
      • We dig for quality materials. Every component of an Encore Home is carefully selected to squeeze out maximum utility for your construction dollar
      • We are market conscious. We work hard to incorporate trends that will hold value, while avoiding short term fads.
      • Our extensive options allow you to customize the home that best meets your personal needs. You decide which features add to your home and its worth.
      • Encore homes maintain exemplary resale value. Again and again, comparisons show our homes bringing better return than competing builders.
      • We stand behind our product. One month, one year, ten years, Encore will make sure you are proud of your home 
      • Encore homes are priced to sell. We will never add to the price to cover special deals and discounts.
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